Monday, August 6, 2012

Helpful hint to avoid soy

Here is a list of words you may see on ingredients lists that indicate soy products are included.:

Coumestrol, daidzein, diet, edamame, frijol de soya, genistein, greater bean, haba soya, hydrolyzed soy protein, isoflavone, isoflavonoid, legume, natto, phytoestrogen, plant estrogen, shoyu, soja, sojabohne, soybean, soy fiber, soy food, soy product, soy protein soya, soya protein, Ta-tou(Chinese), texturized vegetable protein, tofu.

doenjang, douche, edamame, G. max, ganjang, glycine max, miso, natto, shoyu (Japanese), soy sauce, soya (British English), soya bean (British English), tamari, tempeh, tofu. tofu, Worcestershire sauce.

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