Thursday, August 2, 2012

Discovery #1 - SOY is terrible for you.

I've learned that we can't rely on the FDA to protect us from eating ourselves right into the hospital. No wonder people are getting sicker and sicker and obesity is becoming the norm.  Just judging from what I've learned about soy makes me think a great majority of people will suffer and have problems just because of soy. And that will be added to problems caused by other unhealthy ' foods ' we are being sold.  Of course it boils down to money.  'Hey, let's figure out how to sell soybeans! We'll market it as ' good for you '.  And that's how pretty much any fake food gets to our plate....
  Here is an interesting article that gives a nice overview of the dangers of eating so much soy :
 That will at least get you started. If you're like me, you'll want to find out more.
Now that I'm trying to avoid it, I'm really seeing how it's being shoved down our ignorant little throats!  Try to go buy groceries without buying something with soy products in it. Soy bean oil is in almost everything it seems!  I looked for 5-10 minutes at crackers.... all I wanted were some crackers.  Well, good luck.  I finally settled on some kashi crackers that I THOUGHT were free of soy, but after I got home I found they did indeed sneak some in there.  So now I have to search again.  I'm sure other shoppers wondered why I had to read virtually EVERY box of crackers on the shelf.  Shopping is going to be even more time consuming.....

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